Solutions for:
A Network Operator

What to do when you’re late to the game?

When the network operator introduced their High-Speed Broadband (HSBB), the market was already dominated by a competitor. In order to ramp up their customer conversion rate, they needed a targeted approach.

Tuxuri provided solutions that allow the network operator to accurately target customers by matching specific criteria plotted on an enterprise map.

Solutions for:
A Large Telecommunications Company

How to ensure customer searches return the right results?

A large Telco was unable to provide accurate search results on their map with most attempts deemed unserviceable. This frustrated their users and limited their customer conversion.

Tuxuri provided a scalable platform that allows the Telco to manage their data and serve it as a fast web-map allowing immediate search results for a more engaging customer experience.

Solutions for:
Journey Planner for a Transit Agency

Where are the connecting transportation services?

A Transit Agency was concerned about the traffic congestion in urban areas. Part of the problem was, the public was unaware of the connecting transportation services available.

Tuxuri provided the Transit Agency a unified view of all the licenced travel routes issued to their operators. This allowed them to furnish the public with a map they can easily use as a journey planner.

Solutions for:
A Large Power Company

Can a unified system increase customer satisfaction?

A Power Company didn’t have an integrated solution that can give them a single view of the four major systems within their Operations Division. This made it difficult to accurately assess and manage customer complaints. The resulting customer dissatisfaction from increasing escalation tickets was affecting their business.

Tuxuri helped to consolidate pertinent information throughout the organisation via the TuxGeo+ platform. This helped them provide the correct solutions to customer complaints, thus reducing returning customer calls.